How To Select The Right Driving School

Whenever you want to go for a driving class you should look out for legally registered schools and instructors. In driving Schools, you can either choose a test booster, classes to improve your skills or one week pass for clients who have ever been to a driving class.

General conduct

For you to undertake a driving lesson you must ensure that the instructor does not smoke or fail to attend classes for any reason unless with your permission. He or she should be punctual and tidy and behave like a professional always. The vehicle you are to use during practice should be insured and fitted with dual driving controls for the purpose of learning. The car should be well maintained and clean and must fit the current weather conditions.

Driving license and the eyesight

While you are starting a driving class you must either have a provisional driving license or current license which is valid. You should be able to read a number plate which is 20.5 meters away. If you cannot achieve this you should have visual aid such as contact lenses or glasses, which you must wear anytime you are to undergo driving lessons. For more info click here

Safety and comfort

When you are to go for a driving lesson you should have suitable footwear and clothing which in any way cannot distract your movement. While driving or during practice, you should be attentive to every detail and should not be distracted by anything. If you happen to feel uncomfortable always notify your instructor so that you can be guided on where you could be going wrong. In case there is any emergency your instructor should take control of the clutch and brakes to avoid an accident. If you happen to be ill or taking medication that can affect your vision or hinder your judgement, inform the one who is guiding you so that you can take other lessons instead.

Driving under influence

If your instructor notes that you intend to take a driving class under the influence of alcohol or any other related substance he or she has the authority to cancel your classes. Your classes can be postponed to a later date or time when you would get back sober.


When you plan to go to a driving School you should be prepared to pay about fifty percent of the total cost you are to pay throughout the driving lessons. In most cases, if you pay and book a driving class and you fail to attend for no good reason, your instructor has the right not to refund your money.

If you want to take a driving test, it can either be booked by your driving school or you personally but you should notify your instructor in advance.