Growing up, many people have come to know limousines as ‘party vehicles’ since whenever one was spotted, that was a sure sign that there was an occasion somewhere. This stereotype has kept the limousine business alive for almost twenty years. However, recent developments have shown that more people opt out of the limousine services option. Some of the reasons why this is happening include;

Limos are expensive.

Hiring a limo is always going to be an uphill task. The limousine services companies have always taken advantage of the fact that when it comes to events, the only classy option is a limousine and have used this to extort and milk as many people as possible. As a result, people have sought alternatives and have resorted to other options such as SUVs, and this has led to more people defaulting from limousines.

Limos are expensive to fuel.

So let’s say you’ve managed to get all the funds required to hire a limousine. You would think that you have all that is needed to get going, right?

Wrong. You still need to fuel.

There are various models of limousines, and each model has been to have its huge fuel tank and a higher fuel consumption rate. Their alternatives, the SUVs and vintage vehicles, both have a cheaper tank to fill, which paints limousine services in a negative light.

The streets are becoming narrower.

The natural design of limousines is the classic long body that has been known to hold up to a mini-bar in there. This long body was an advantage as it could carry more people, but as time went by, people realized that this was a liability as it took forever to get anywhere, and in case of traffic…well, if you do find yourself stuck in traffic, then you better hope you are not in a hurry.

Limousines are downright old-fashioned.

This is the finishing blow. Limousines are quickly becoming a thing of the past; the highlighted reasons are just among the many slowly driving limos into obsolescence. With newer, classier brands sprouting everywhere globally, limousine services are gradually being run to the ground.


Fabulous limo rental have been the classic ‘party cars’ for a long time now. However, many people are beginning to realize that limos have been draining their pockets and have now become old news; and such must pave the way for sleek, more affordable options.