Everything you need to Know about LLQP License Requirements in Canada

Before a person who wants to be in the sector of financial services as an advisor is permitted to start selling a life insurance service product, they must be able to pass and complete LLQP and get a completion certificate.  Before someone starts selling life insurance, one must first acquire their LLQP certificate. This certificate is earned through the following procedure.

Enroll in an LLQP course

Before taking this LLQP exam, one must enroll in a course approved by a known institute. One is required to register with the CIPR (Canadian Insurance Participant Registry). It is good to note that IFSE is one of the institutes in Canada that registers qualified candidates for this course and CPIR is a registry for anyone that works or intends to work in the health or life insurance sector in Canada. 

Earn competition certificate

After a candidate has successfully been registered through the ISFE course provider, the ISFE will update the information given on the CIPR which will qualify you for the LLQP exam. This will lead to sitting and after passing this exam, your certificate will be on the Canadian Insurance Participant Registry system. 

One must pass their LLQP provincial exam

To pass your exam, one needs to know what he or she is engaging with. That is the most important part of these LLQP license requirements in Canada. Afterward, ensure that during the exam you read and understand the set questions carefully. Ensure that you guess yourself during the exam. If you do be sure to contradict yourself and you will eventually get the whole thing wrong.

Another thing for you to have an easy time during the whole exam period is to get used to practicing and studying under intense pressure. This will help you gain more muscles when dealing with the main exam. Last but not least it is good to note that not many people can pass the LLQP exam without any assistance; seek help whenever you got a problem with the set question. There are a lot of LLQP exam preparation courses online to get the best that suits you and your pocket.

Must not have a criminal record

For LLQP license requirements in Canada one must ensure they have no history of criminal records as they jeopardize the integrity of any system in the world and Canada is one of the few countries in the world with zero tolerance for criminals it is part of their system and virtues to uphold morals in their undertakings.

In conclusion, CAIB by PNC Learning, the LLQP license requirements in Canada have greatly impacted and helped streamline this sector by providing policies and making the life insurance qualification program accessible and stand out to be one of the best in Canada.